Does God Demand Our Worship?

Why Does God Seek or Request That We Worship Him? Read on to find out. More »

Why does God allow suffering?

What a great question. If He is indeed love - what gives? Read on to find out. More »

Are Humans Really Made In God\'s Image?

According to popular teaching, humans are made in the image of God. But are we really? More »


What Is The Unpardonable Sin or Sin Against the Holy Ghost?


Among those who believe in the Bible, the phrases "the unpardonable sin", "sin against the Holy Ghost" and "blaspheme against the Holy Ghost" generate mild uneasiness, and in some cases even trepidation (i.e. fear, alarm, agitation, trembling, confusion). These phrases

Sin: The Naked Truth


The word Sin is such a vague term; its hard to pin down its meaning. Most are confused about how to explain sin, many of which are Christian. Trying to describe sin (using conventional methods) is like trying to embrace

A Simple But Effective Bible Reading Plan


There are a plethora of reasons to read the Bible daily - victorious living, help with burdens, joy and peace - just to name a few. And though these reasons may richly and affect our lives in wonderful and fulfilling

Understanding The Holy Trinity


For starters, the word Trinity is not used in the Bible. The word was coined in an attempt to summarize the multifaceted uniqueness of God. The term Triune Godis used for the same purpose. The Bible, though, uses the word

Tithing For Today’s Christain


Before I write (books, articles, etc.) on a particular subject I perform due diligence (I study) to determined the historical as well as current views on that subject. I must admit I was a little taken back with the level

What is the Purpose of Life?


I'm not going to mince words here. There's a reason why answering the question "What is the purpose of life?" is so difficult. If you asked one hundred people to give an answer, you would get one hundred different answers.

The Old Covenant and New Covenant Simplified


I would have to say that this subject has to be one of the most misunderstood subjects in the Bible. Make no mistake, there are other very difficult to understand Bible topics, but the Old Covenant and New Covenant has

Why Does God Demand, Seek, or Request That We Worship Him?


First of all, this is not one, but two questions phrased as one. Allow me to re-phrase this as two questions: Why Does God Demand That We Worship Him? Or Why does God demand our worship? and... Why Does God